Our Menu

Large portions

Whole portion of curry £7.00
 (maximum mix of three curries)
 Whole portion of rice  £2.00
 Half curry / Half rice  £6.50
 (maximum mix of three curries)

Small portions

Whole portion of one curry £3.50
Whole portion of rice £1.00
 (a choice from our daily selection listed below)

Meal deal £17.50

2 Large portions of curry
(maximum mix of three curries in each container)
1 Large portion of rice
4 Chapatis*
2 Papads (made with lentil flour and roasted)

*Swap the chapatis for an extra rice as a gluten free alternative


Chapati 50p
Naan £1.00
Papad (made with lentil flour & roasted) 25p


Coriander, coconut and chilli chutney £1.50
Date and tamarind chutney £1.50


Kulfi (home-made ice cream)

Mango kulfi £1.50
Mixed nuts with saffron kulfi £1.50

Beer, wine and soft drinks available.

Gluten free Curry being cooked at Tiffins in Bristol.Poppadoms at Tiffins in Bristol.


Various vegetarian and vegan curries on offer daily from the selection below:

Vegetables: Saag Paneer, Potato, Cauliflower, Aubergine, Courgette, Cabbage with Peppers, Potatoes with Peanut and Coconut.

Pulses: Chickpeas in Tamarind, Blackeye Beans, Kidney Beans, Butter Beans.

Dhals/Lentils: Masoor (Red Lentils), Mung Beans (Green Lentils), Urid (Black Lentils), Madh (Brown Lentils), Chana (Chickpea Lentils), Toor Dahl with Peanut and Coconut, Khichadi (made with Split Green Lentils and Rice) and Kadhi (soup made with yogurt).

Potato Curry at Tiffins in Bristol. Saag Paneer, Potao and Cabbage with Pepper Gluten Free Curries at Tiffins Bristol

Food allergens and intolerances

Our premises contains allergens please ask our staff about the ingredients in your meal when making your order. Every reasonable care has been taken to prevent cross-contamination within our kitchen. We cannot give a guarantee on the products we buy in.