Enjoy the sensational authentic flavours of Gujarat here in Bristol with our selection of pure vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free fresh and frozen curries, snacks, chutneys and kulfis, events catering and cooking classes / demonstrations.

We are a local, independent, family run regional Indian food business serving Bristol and surrounding area since 2003.

Gift Vouchers are now available -email – jay.jethwa@icloud.com

Open – Monday to Friday – from Midday to 8pm.

We sell authentic, regional, – Gujarati – Gujarat is the Western State of India, foods, like pure vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free curries and chutneys. Each and every dish  is cooked exactly how it is cooked by my families in Gujarat, India. We then blast chill them to retain maximum flavour and display them in our chilled food cabinet, so you can actually see all the dishes of the day and mix and match what you like. Then either we can re-heat it for you or you can re-heat it in your microwave, hob, or oven at home, or freeze it to enjoy at a later day.  

We also deliver however there is a minimum order and delivery charge based on delivery radius. See delivery information.

In addition, we offer cooking demonstrations and bespoke event catering to suit your budget and needs.


We do not use any allergens in our cooking / dishes. We follow all the food safety procedures and guidelines, however we cannot guarantee the same on the products and ingredients we buy in. Please contact us if you have any queries about our menu.

Learn to cook authentic Indian food

Gift vouchers now available

We offer cooking classes and demonstrations – here for every paid cooking class or demonstration, we give the same free in communities where there is a need. We also use surplus vegetables and fruits, to turn into our products to help tackle food waste and food poverty, by supplying culturally appropriate foods to local charities.