About Us

Tiffins story began in 2003. Disappointed by the lack of real and authentic Indian restaurants and takeaways in Bristol, my husband Nick ( who sadly passed away in 2017 ) and I decided to open Tiffins. I was born and brought up in Gujarat – the Northwest state in India,-  Gujarat has the highest strict vegetarian population in India. I have been extremely fortunate to have grown up with and learned from extremely talented and passionate cooks in my family, who never ever wasted any food and could cook a delicious and nutritional vegetarian meal from a hand full of ingredients or from leftovers.

I grew up with a very holistic relationship with food. In my family the food we ate was based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda, where food is treated like medicine, to keep the body strong and healthy. So we only ate seasonal and very locally produced food.

So I wanted to implement the knowledge and understanding of what I was brought up with and what we ate at home, in Tiffins. I wanted to cook exactly how I cooked at home,  authentic, wholesome and nutritious vegetarian food.

Fast forward to 2021  with the support of my new partner Ben, family, friends  and continuous loyal customer support, we are still- we believe – the only Authentic regional Indian take-away selling the most varieties of Gluten-free and vegan curries – 10 different frozen vegetarian curries –  of which 9 are vegan and of course our famous Coriander, coconut and chilli chutney and Date and tamarind chutney,  in the whole of the South West region.

Not to waste food and being as sustainable as possible has been embedded in me since a child, so we apply the same principles in Tiffins. With customer demand and incredible loyal support from customers, family and friends we are planning to make some changes to Tiffins. We are looking into using surplus vegetables and fruits to use in our curries, sauces, and chutneys, as well as help deal with food poverty. We will also be resuming our cooking demonstrations soon –  so watch this space !!!